A Shyler Engel, PLLC client was charged with Possession of Marijuana in a District Court known for its lengthy terms of testing probation. Our client had one goal: to be able to continue to using marijuana. We uncovered a potential Kolanek issue that would render him protected under Section 8 under the Medical Marijuana Act. We filed a motion and prepared for the Section 8 hearing. When we appeared, the prosecutor eventually offered our client a dismissal in exchange for a plea to Improper Transportation of Marijuana. Unfortunately, Improper Transportation of Marijuana in this court often results in testing probation as well. We explained to the judge firstly the necessity of the need for our client to use marijuana for medical purposes, and then secondly, our position that marijuana use for medical purposes is protected from violations of probation. With that, the judge agreed to simply place our client on non-reporting and non-testing probation. Further, with the dismissal of the Possession charge, our client also avoided all driver’s license sanctions. Our client left the courthouse with his goals achieved.