Restricted Driver's License Reinstated | Shyler Engel, PLLC

November 4, 2014
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client lost her driver’s license after a rolling retest violation back in March of 2014. She had hired a different attorney to conduct the initial appeal to the Driver’s License Appeal Division at the Secretary of State. She lost. Her license was revoked for the next year before she could even get her restricted license back, and would have to go through the entire process again. Fortunately, she hired me, and we set out to her license back. First, we sought an immediate stay of the revocation, meaning that the client would be able to continue to drive even though the Secretary of State revoked her license. Our petition for a stay was successful. Our client’s old attorney called this “magic.” Then we appealed to Circuit Court where we quickly cut a deal with the Attorney General’s office to have the matter remanded back to the Secretary of State for a rehearing — the same hearing she originally lost at with the other attorney. This time around the DLAD hearing lasted only 9 minutes and my client was granted her restricted license back on the spot.