Possession Charges Reduced to Improper Transportation | Shyler Engel, PLLC

September 22, 2015
Two Shyler Engel, PLLC clients were in the same position. They had been caught with marijuana while committing civil infractions, but they were behind in getting their patient cards. One of the clients simply hadn’t even seen a physician, and the other client had an expired card. Among other defenses, both had arguable Section 8 defenses. We filed the appropriate motions and we were ready to argue a total of a combined 5 motions. The prosecutor offered the following deal: Plead to Improper Transport, and all other charges would be dismissed. Both clients accepted the deal, and the judge gave them exactly the same sentence: 9 months non-reporting, non-testing probation, $400 fines and costs, and no issues using marijuana for medical purposes on probation. After probationary period, case will be completely dismissed pursuant to HYTA. This means that both of our clients who faced a real drug conviction with reporting and testing probation, hundreds of dollars in fines and costs, plus the civil infractions walked away with just a $400 fine if they are able to stay out of legal trouble for 9 months.