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September 20, 20160
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client was charged with Improper Transportation after the police stopped our client in a parking lot for “suspicious activity.”  Our client had forgotten to place his medical marijuana in a case in the trunk of his car.  We filed a motion to dismiss the charges for a lack of probable cause to stop our client’s car, and argued that he was immune from prosecution of any charge involving marijuana based on the protections under Section 4 of the MMMA. The Prosecutor offered to reduce the charge to Double Parking, a civil infraction carrying no consequences. Our client accepted the Prosecutor’s offer.
July 25, 2013
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client was charged with Felonious Assault after allegedly pointing a handgun in his roommate’s face. When he was arrested, the client’s handgun was found in the living room with the top round chambered backwards. As a five year veteran in the USMC, Shyler Engel, PLLC argued that the round being chambered backwards was a “cry for help,” and that the client deserved rehabilitation rather than incarceration. In tentative agreement, the Prosecutor permitted the client to receive treatment in multiple clinics specifically designed for the client’s needs. Seeing the tremendous gains the client has had through treatment, the Prosecutor voluntarily moved the court to dismiss all charges against the client. 553842_548583008550065_737435583_n