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June 23, 2014

A Shyler Engel, PLLC client had been violated for testing positive for marijuana again. The client pled guilty just 3 months ago to his second probation violation for use of marijuana. When he was sentenced, the judge told our client that if he violated again he go to jail for 90 days. Shyler Engel appeared at the probation violation hearing, explained to the probation officer how marijuana metabolizes through each person differently and the complications with the testing agency’s reports. In the end, the probation officer agreed to withdraw the violation if the client stayed negative for the next month. If the client tests negative over the next month, he will not face any possibility of jail time.

April 18, 2014
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client was caught for the second time using marijuana while on probation. Despite not having a medical marijuana card, Shyler Engel was able to demonstrate that the probationer was engaging in medical use and that he should not be penalized. The judge agreed and let our client continue probation without penalty.
April 24, 2013
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client faced a probation violation for three separate positive tests for marijuana and failure to appear at a drug test spanning over a four month period. On the advice of Shyler Engel, PLLC, the client admitted guilt and subjected himself to the Probation Officer’s Recommendation of Outpatient Treatment and 8 consecutive weekends in the Macomb County Jail.  After presenting the client’s case during sentencing, the Circuit Court Judge determined that the client deserved to have his sentencing adjourned in order to provide him some time to demonstrate that he can refrain from the use of marijuana. If he does, the client’s probation will be continued without penalty.
April 9, 2013
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client faced a recommendation from a Probation Officer of 180 days in the Macomb County Jail after violating the terms of his probation by testing positive on a drug test, absconding, and receiving new felony drug charges. At his probation violation hearing, Shyler Engel, PLLC was able to work out a deal that changed the Probation Officer’s recommendation to allow the client to continue probation for another 12 months with his willful participation in a drug abuse class. The judge followed the recommendation, and the client was given a second chance.