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December 22, 2015
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client was charged with Improper Transportation of Marijuana and Minor in Possession of Alcohol. We filed motions to dismiss both charges, and we received a call from the prosecutor before the motion hearing to discuss possible resolutions. Long story made short, both charges were dismissed outright in exchange for a plea of responsible to a simple traffic infraction. No probation. No testing. Better yet, our client never even had to show up for court and sent the $165 fine for the civil infraction by mail.
July 7, 2014
A Shyler Engel, PLLC 20-year-old client was caught with marijuana (for the second time) and alcohol just outside of a college campus. He was charged with possession of marijuana and minor in possession (MIP). The client had already benefitted once from a diversion program, and although he was technically eligible for HYTA, this court would not permit it. Furthermore, for a second offense the penalty often includes jail time in this court. Recognizing this, the client faced the choice of either fighting the charges or suffering the penalties of testing probation, and possibly jail. After explaining to the prosecutor the strengths of the client’s case, the charges were dropped in exchange for a plea to “use of marijuana,” the lowest level offense in Michigan involving marijuana, and the judge would have to simply assess only fines and costs. On the day of sentencing, everything went as planned, and the client walked away from these charges for the grand total of $225. No jail. No probation. No testing.