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July 19, 2015
A Shyler Engel, PLLC client was admittedly the drop-off driver in a conspiracy to steal a car. He was charged with Unlawful Driving Away (MCL 750.413) (known in other jurisdictions as Grand Theft Auto) and Conspiracy. This case received significant attention in the media due to the high speed police chase that followed on I-94 and eventual crash that nearly left the co-conspirator dead after ejecting through the windshield of the stolen car. This case was made extraordinarily difficult because our client was on parole. Our client faced guideline prison time. At first, the client had hired a different attorney but quickly became dissatisfied after being told that he should just simply accept a plea and return to prison. Furthermore, on the first appearance of this office, the co-conspirator took a plea to two felony charges that resulted in a return to prison for a minimum of 29 months. After a series of motions of the legality of the nature of the multiple charges as applied to the Defendant, the Circuit Court judge dismissed the Conspiracy count outright, leaving simply the Unlawful Driving Away Charge. Prepared to go to trial on that charge alone, after many negotiations and discussions with both the judge and the Prosecutor, we eventually secured a sentence agreement with the judge for just probation. Today, we received a call from the probationer from his own home phone thanking us for our efforts.