Another Supreme Court Reversal | Shyler Engel, PLLC

December 28, 2017
Shyler has had the Court of Appeals reversed by the Supreme Court of Michigan for the third time in three months. We aren’t sure if this is a record, but no one is counting when it comes to liberating cannabis users from the oppressive State of Michigan. This time, we tried for the holy-grail of medical marijuana defenses — attempting to have caregiver-to-caregiver transfers recognized by the Supreme Court. Imagine, a regulatory system where plants can be cared for by more than one person. While the Supreme Court passed on the issue, Michigan’s court of final review determined that the lesser courts failed to recognize the 2016 amendments to the MMMA, and have reversed both the Court of Appeals and the Circuit Court in our latest appeal. Soon, cannabis liberation will come to the State of Michigan, whether the ruling political class wants it or not. Our latest result is available here.